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  • Picture name :Han Wenke position:President description: Energy Research Institute, NDRC
  • Picture name :Bai Rongchun position:Former Director-general description: Energy Bureau of NDRC
  • Picture name :Wang Haiyun position:Director description: Centre for Energy Diplomacy Studies, China Foundation for International Affairs
  • Picture name :Han Xiaoping position:Chief Information Officer description: China5e
  • Picture name :Chen Weidong position:Chief Energy Researcher description: Energy Economics Research Institute, CNOOC
  • Picture name :Li Xihong position:President description: Economic and Technology Research Institute
  • Picture name :Sun Xiansheng position:President description: Economic and Technology Development Research Institute, CNPC
  • Picture name :Jiang Liping position:Vice President description: Energy Research of State Grid of China
  • Picture name :Huang Qing position:Board Secretary description: Shenhua Group
  • Picture name :Li Junfeng position:Director-general description: Centre for Climate Strategy and International Cooperation, NDRC
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