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BEC Lecture | How Can China Export its Soft Skills in Energy?

Publisher:Beijing Energy Club     Time:12/24/2015

Whether in the field of energy infrastructure construction, electrification, energy efficiency, emission reduction, new energy development, price reform, or carbon trade, China has accumulated plenty of experiences which can be valuable to other developing countries.

However, in the field of international energy consulting, Chinese consultants are very rare. Scholars from other developing countries, lacking practical experiences but possessing language advantages, are actively roaming throughout large international agencies as consultants.

How do international organisations hire consultants?  How can Chinese experts go abroad and become consultants for international agencies? What kind of support should be provided by the government and experts’ affiliations?

On the 14th of September, the Beijing Energy Club invited Dr. Zhai Yongping, Technical Advisor on Energy of the Asian Development Bank, to give a lecture addressing these questions.

Beijing Energy Club President, Dr. Xavier Chen, chaired the lecture. About 100 people who were interested in international consulting attended lecture, and 50 more received an online broadcast organized by “Caixin Energy”.

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