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BEC Lecture | Offshore Petroleum Engineering: Advantages and Challenges Faced by Chinese Enterprises

Publisher:Beijing Energy Club     Time:12/24/2015

On August 28th, the Beijing Energy Club successfully held a lecture entitled, “Offshore Petroleum Engineering: Advantages and Challenges Faced by Chinese Enterprises.” Three experts, all long-time practitioners in the Offshore Petroleum Engineering industry, were invited as keynote speakers: Mr. Guo Jian, President of INTSOK China,Mr. Zhou Mi, Sales Director of NOV China, and Mr. Chen Haibo, General Manager of LR Consulting Beijing. They all gave wonderful presentations, including plenty of diagrams and video clips, as well as offered suggestions for how the Chinese Offshore Petroleum Engineering industry could catch up with the advanced level worldwide. If it is difficult to fly in the sky, difficult to go underground, it is even more difficult to go underwater and then underground. Offshore Petroleum Engineering is an industry combining high technology, high investment, and high risk. Any large project requires cooperation from multiple companies, as well as independent third parties to offer industry certifications and risk control at every stage of the project.

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