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Gas and Electricity Regulation: Experiences from US States

Publisher:Beijing Energy Club     Time:12/24/2015

On 14 August 2014, the Beijing Energy Club held a discussion seminar on gas and electricity regulation, during which five state utility Commissioners from the US (Commissioner Philip Jones from Washington, Commissioner David Boyd from Minnesota, Commissioner Greg White from Michigan, Commissioner Linda Breathitt from Kentucky, and Commissioner Robert Anthony from Oklahoma) shared their experiences as state level regulators.

More specifically, the Commissioners discussed 1) the relationship between policy, regulation and technology; 2) the state and federal roles in energy regulation; 3) the experience of gas regulation at state level; 4) the prospect of nuclear power; and 5) the challenges facing coal-fired power.

BEC Chairman Zhang Guobao, Vice Chairman Zhou Dadi and 30 other senior Chinese experts joined the discussion.

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