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Dinner Reception for New IEA Executive Director

Publisher:Beijing Energy Club     Time:10/16/2015

On the evening of September 9th, the Beijing Energy Club held a dinner reception welcoming the new Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Dr. Fatih Birol.

Dr. Fath Birol is a member of the Beijing Energy Club. He is the first Executive Director who was promoted to the position from the IEA’s internal staff since the IEA’s founding 41 years ago. He is also the first Executive Director who chose China as the destination of his first official foreign visit upon taking up the position. This decision demonstrates the grea tattention Dr. Birol has placed on China. At the reception, Dr. Birol pointed out, “the cooperation between the IEA and China will benefit China, benefit the IEA, and benefit the whole world”.

At the reception, Mr. Shi Dinghuan, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Energy Club, gave a warm welcome speech. Mr. Zhou Dadi, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Energy Research Society and also a Beijing Energy Club Vice Chairman, pointed out that the China Energy Research Society, together with its affiliation, the Beijing Energy Club, will play a more active role in enhancing China’s international energy cooperation.

The reception was held in the courtyard of Kong Sun Holdings, and was presided over by Dr. Xavier Chen, President of the Beijing Energy Club. Over 100 guests from the energy sector within China and abroad, as well as member staffs from IEA member-state embassies, participated in the reception.
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